[Houston TX, September 13, 2017] FCC Environmental Services, a waste management and recycling company with North American Headquarters in Houston announced today its commitment to Houston small businesses affected by Hurricane Harvey with its participation in the Houston Rising Recovery Fund for small businesses and MWBE businesses.

Ninety nine percent of Houston’s business makeup are considered small businesses. While the official numbers are not out yet, it is estimated that 40% of small businesses were directly damaged by Harvey and job losses may rise as businesses struggle to resume their operations. “Once we heard of the issues that will affect Houston in the recovery process we decided that the Houston Rising Small Business Fund has an important role in stabilizing our local economy”, says FCC Environmental Services CEO, Inigo Sanz.

The Houston Rising Recovery Fund was developed by Houston small businesses to bring attention to the plight of the small business community in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. “Houston Rising involves businesses helping each other after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey,” says Medley Inc., CEO & Founder Ashely Small, “with the support of companies like FCC Environmental Services we can begin helping small businesses get back on their feet and open their doors. As women-owned minority business, I can appreciate this effort”, adds Small.

Houston Rising Recovery Fund’s sole purpose is to help Houston recover by putting small businesses back in business. It is a B2B effort that will directly help those businesses affected by Hurricane Harvey’s devastation.

FCC´s tanker trailers fleet is also currently collaborating with the City of Houston in the remediation of the flood waters, FCC´s fleet is working 24/7 to assist the City of Houston in evacuating the waters on Houston streets sewer system. At the City request FCC doubled the fleet size to accommodate the City of Houston needs, which is allowing the flood waters to recede from our City.

About FCC Environmental

FCC Environmental is a global industry leader with more than 115 years of experience. It is one of the world’s largest waste management and recycling companies with a presence in over 35 countries.  FCC’s more than 54,000 employees worldwide interact with citizens on a daily basis and focus on constantly increasing sustainability.  Together, we will create socially-integrated solutions one community at a time.