Bid Information: ITB# BID NO. 19-402/SLB

Small/Minority/Women Business Enterprise (S/M/WBE) Participation

The Governing Board of the AUTHORITY has implemented the Economic Inclusion Policy administered by the Equal Business Opportunity (EBO) Program Office to ensure that all segments of its business population, including, but not limited to small, local, minority, and women-owned businesses, have an equitable opportunity to participate in the AUTHORITY’S procurement process.

The AUTHORITY has set a 20% goal for Small/Minority/Women Business Enterprise (S/M/WBE) Subcontracting participation to be distributed as follows:

  • SBE Goal is ten percent (10%) of the total estimated dollar value of the AUTHORITY’S contract
  • M/WBE Goal is ten percent (10%) of the total estimated dollar value of the AUTHORITY’S

Subcontractor/Supplier Utilization Plan

The BIDDER shall identify all certified SBE and M/WBE firms (including non-certified subcontractors/suppliers) which will be utilized as Subcontractors in this Procurement. The BIDDER must provide proof that each firm to be utilized as a prime or subcontractor is certified in accordance to the Equal Business Opportunity Program Policy. Each SBE or M/WBE subcontractor and prime shall be listed in the Subcontractor/Supplier Utilization Plan (as defined below) and shall be submitted with the Bid. The listing of S/M/WBEs in the Subcontractor Utilization Plan attached with each Bid shall constitute the BIDDER’S representation to the AUTHORITY that the certified firms are technically and financially qualified and available to perform the assigned work. Failure to provide complete and accurate information shall result in the Bid being deemed non-responsive.

The Subcontractor/Supplier Utilization Plan shall consist of the following documentation, which
must be attached to the Bid:

  • Bid Form 5, S/M/WBE Subcontractor/Supplier Participation Schedule.
  • Bid Form 7, Statement of Intent to Perform as a S/MWBE Subcontractor/Supplier Form for each SBE or M/WBE firm.
  • A copy of the certification letter or certificate as of proof of firm’s current status.

Subcontracting Service Opportunities

All vendors seeking to bid on this project should have inclusive of the respective requirements below: Certified S/M/WBE firm and a local Palm Beach County business with corresponding business tax receipt.

Landscape Service [988-36]
Coffee / Ice Suppliers [390-35]
Vehicle Decals [255-30]
Distribution Companies (leaflets) [961-53]
Vehicle Cleaning Service [928-93]
Real Estate Services [208-76]
Construction Company [912-00]
Mailbox repair / General Repair / Handyman
Towing Company [968-90]
Safety Equipment [345-00]

Staffing Companies [961-30]
Fuel Service Firms [060-47]
Tire Supply [863-05]
Truck Maintenance [065-75]
Container Maintenance [929-66]
Uniforms Supplier [200-85]
Garbage Carts Supplier [450-65]
Yard Waste Services (Grapple Trucks) [958-96]
Yard Waste Disposal/Processing [958-96]
Janitorial Service [910-39]

Award Criteria

Please include documentation to represent the following when bidding:

  • Price (please use attached quote form for your service area)
  • Experience in the County (please provide at least 3 references)
  • Company age (please provide your State of Florida registration)
  • Insurance (General Liability – $1,000,000 and Workers Compensation – $500,000 – please attach copy of certificate of insurance)
  • Capability Statement (please provide a copy)
  • Certification from a Florida government agency S/M/WBE (please provide a copy)
  • Local Palm Beach County Business Tax Receipt (please provide a copy)

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