FCC is proud to announce that we are pursuing the solid waste contract for Leon County Florida. In December 2019, Leon County issued a request for bid to service Leon County’s 28,000 residences and several hundred businesses in Leon County. After review by County staff, FCC ranked highest in the bid and is up before Leon County for approval of award.

FCC is excited about the possibility to expand into Leon County, which would give a major foothold in the North Florida market. Expanding to Leon would continue a long term company goal of Florida market expansion. FCC currently services more than 300,000 Florida households in Palm Beach County, Volusia County, Polk County and Orange County.  

Leon County has been identified as a strategic expansion area for FCC to bring sustainable and green initiatives to northern Florida that we are exhibiting in our other contracts not only in the US, but throughout the world as a top environmental services company.

Leon County is currently experiencing what the rest of the country is– a concern over the future of recycling in the United States. FCC is uniquely positioned to help alleviate recycling concerns, and looks forward to the opportunity to expand the scope of services to the County to potentially include recycling, material recovery, composting and waste-to-energy facilities.

Our bid would bring a brand new fleet of CNG fueled collection trucks, fresh commercial dumpsters to replace a deteriorating inventory the County currently uses, and additional job creation compared to the current vendor, along with local small business enterprise engagement and partnerships.

We are proud of our global presence spanning 35 countries with our 60,000 employees, but know that each and every contract is unique and must be operated with a local community engaging focus as a corporate steward of sustainability and partnership.

FCC is one of the leading waste and resource management companies worldwide. Our approach is to minimize the amount of waste that ends up in landfills by transforming it into valuable resources in our partner Cities. We aim to extract the most value from the waste we collect by ensuring that recyclable materials such as glass, paper, plastic also the organic waste fraction are processed to be used again or turned into other valuable resources.

At FCC we have vast experience in Europe in providing separate organic waste collection and we built and currently operate over 300 recycling and treatment facilities including Mechanical-Biological Treatment (MBT) facilities, Material Recovery Facilities (MRF), Composting facilities and Waste-to-Energy (WtE) facilities. To learn more about our sustainability efforts, please visit our website: