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FCC Environmental Services Grows Midwest Presence by Securing New Contract in St. Paul, MN

The City of Saint Paul, Minnesota, has entrusted FCC Environmental Services with a Solid Waste Collection Services contract. This comprehensive contract, covering 90% of the City, will ensure efficient waste management for approximately 300,000 residents and significantly contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment, a testament to FCC’s unwavering commitment to sustainability.

The contract will begin on November 1st, 2024. It is set to last seven years with a backlog of more than $115 million. As part of the agreement, FCC will invest over $25 million to build a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station, purchase more than 30 new collection trucks fueled by CNG, acquire fully electric pickups for route managers, and an electric box truck for bulk and appliance pickup. FCC has announced that it will utilize a new fleet of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles to support this contract and will hire over 59 regional and dedicated employees.

Dan Brazil, FCC’s Chief Executive Officer, and a native Minnesotan expressed his genuine excitement about receiving this contract. He stated, “We are thrilled to announce this significant contract award and partnership, which represents a pivotal strategic milestone as we expand our geographical reach further into the Midwest market. We are honored to bring our high-quality services and sustainability approaches to the Capitol city.”

This contract award is a testament to FCC’s dedication and expansion in the Midwest, which began with its Omaha contract in 2020, which employs more than 100 people and provides collection services to 150,000 households.

About FCC:

FCC is a global waste management and recycling company offering exceptional services in over 35 countries. With over 60,000 workers worldwide, FCC is keen to increase sustainability by creating socially integrated communities and interacting with citizens daily. The company operates in over 5,000 municipalities worldwide and aims to improve the well-being of more than 60 million citizens. FCC has been working since the 1900s and offers a wide range of services that include collection, treatment, recycling, energy recovery, and disposal of solid urban waste, street cleaning, sewer network maintenance, ground maintenance, preservation of green spaces, polluted soils recovery, and comprehensive management of industrial waste.

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