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Recycling Services

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Recycling Solutions

With a rich legacy spanning several countries globally, FCC boasts extensive expertise in constructing and overseeing recycling facilities. Presently, the company manages over 400 waste treatment, recycling, and disposal facilities, marking a profound commitment to sustainable waste solutions. Pioneering the field, FCC initiated its first recycling facility nearly six decades ago in 1960. Central to FCC’s environmental services strategy, recycling is a cornerstone, underscored by a diverse array of cutting-edge technological solutions aimed at optimizing both the quantity and quality of recovered materials.

The seamless integration of mechanical and manual technologies characterizes FCC’s waste sorting and treatment facilities. These facilities efficiently segregate recyclable materials, paving the way for subsequent treatment and reuse. Complementing these advanced technologies are educational campaigns strategically implemented to ensure public awareness and adherence to best practices in waste separation for recycling.

Recycling Services

This harmonious blend of communication and technology has yielded impressive results, with recovery rates witnessing a substantial increase of over 50% in various markets in recent years.

Our Recycling Solutions in Action

Delivering recycling services under long-term contracts for several municipalities in the United States

Commercial Recycling Solutions

Our state-of-the-art Materials Recycling Facilities (MRF) showcase our commitment to cutting-edge waste management solutions. Designed to sort, recover, and market recyclable materials, our facilities represent a significant step forward in redefining recycling standards.

Equipped with advanced materials separation technologies and fully automated lines capable of processing up to 145,000 tons of recyclable waste annually, our facilities demonstrate our ongoing dedication to innovation in waste management.

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Pioneers in Our Industry

FCC stands at the forefront of the environmental services industry, consistently diminishing its ecological impact through an array of initiatives. From advancements in vehicle technology to pioneering service delivery and resource recovery methods, FCC maintains a pioneering role in minimizing emissions and resource consumption. Simultaneously, the company remains dedicated to enhancing efficiency and productivity, setting the benchmark for the industry.

Moreover, FCC’s unparalleled proficiency in crafting and overseeing household waste recycling centers is instrumental in empowering communities worldwide. These efforts play a pivotal role in aiding localities to make substantial strides toward achieving ambitious recycling and landfill diversion targets.

Join us in making a better environment tomorrow by recycling today.