FCC has extensive experience with building and managing recycling facilities in several countries around the world, with more than 400 waste treatment, recycling and disposal facilities currently in operation. The first FCC recycling facility started operations in 1960, almost 60 years ago. Recycling lies at the center of FCC’s environmental services strategy with the company employing a wide variety of technological solutions to ensure the highest quantity and quality of material recovered.

A variety of waste sorting and treatment facilities combine mechanical and manual technologies to separate recyclable materials for subsequent treatment and reuse. Educational campaigns compliment these technologies to ensure that the public is educated as to best practices regarding how to separate waste for recycling. This combination of communication and technology has led to recovery rates rising over 50% in recent years in various markets.

FCC recently opened a state of the art Recycling Facility (MRF) for the City of Houston TX. This facility sorts, recovers and markets all the city’s recyclable materials for 15 years, with a possible 5 year extension.

The plant is designed to process 120,000 tons per year with a maximum capacity of 145,000. The facility which represents an investment of $25 million by FCC in Houston, has a fully automated process line and is equipped with the latest materials separation technologies. FCC is currently providing recycling services for the City of Dallas, TX for an 18-year contract (plus an additional 10-year extension) for the design, build, and operation of a Single Stream Recycling facility. The total processing capacity in the Lone Star State is over 290,000 tons per year.

FCC has been a pioneer in the environmental services industry, progressively reducing its environmental footprint through a wide range of initiatives. Whether it is further innovations in vehicle technology, service delivery, or resource recovery, FCC continues to lead the market in reducing emissions and resource consumption, while increasing efficiency and productivity.

FCC’s market-leading expertise in the development and management of household waste recycling centers is helping local communities across the world make a significant contribution to meeting challenging recycling and landfill diversion targets.