More than 50 million people in more than 5,000 municipalities around the world benefit from the services we provide.

FCC Environmental employs a variety of collection systems according to each city’s needs, using a combination of vehicles and containers designed to maximize efficiency and minimize the environmental footprint in terms of noise and emissions.

FCC has more than 200 centers that handle more than 20 million tons of solid urban waste per year. This waste is treated using processes such as heat, composting, biomethanisation, recycling, incineration, as well as using controlled landfills and tips.

We treat waste as a resource – reusing and recycling everything possible and making use of the energy value of the remaining fraction when possible.

FCC operates the widest variety of treatment facilities in the world, which includes mechanical separation, composting, biological treatment and energy-from-waste plants.

In many locations multiple technologies are combined to ensure the most complete waste recovery possible.