[FLORIDA, POLK COUNTY September 13, 2017] As Hurricane Irma swept through Polk County the task of trash collection was on everyone’s mind as the tons of debris was the order of the day. So, although FCC waste collection contract was not scheduled to begin until October 2 ,2017, county officials requested their assistance to begin storm preparation last Thursday, September 7 before Irma made her landfall.

Understanding the challenge, FCC quickly responded affirmatively to Polk County officials. Accordingly, FCC did the right thing to ensure that the removal of debris was completed prior to Irma’s landfall for the safety of Polk residence. FCC deployed a fleet of trucks 24 hours after the request.

The proactive action, avoided serious consequences since garbage, bulk items, recycling and yard waste would have been left exposed to Hurricane Irma’s forecasted strong winds sweeping through Polk County.

The news that FCC agreed to provide services prior to their start date, was welcomed by Polk County officials. “We knew that if Irma was going to live up to the forecasted wind strength, the residence of Polk County would have many other things to concern themselves, trash collection should not be one of those concerns.  We stepped up to do our part as members of this beautiful community, says FCC, CEO Inigo Sanz, “it is part of our corporate culture to be good citizens”, adds Sanz.

It was reported that the Board of County Commissioners were appreciative of FCC’s goodwill of stepping up to help serve Polk County citizens before they were contractually obligated to do so.

FCC is also continuing the collections after the Hurricane and is committed to assure Polk County residents that it will work diligently to help during the aftermath of the storm.

About FCC Environmental

FCC Environmental is a global industry leader with more than 115 years of experience. It is one of the world’s largest waste management and recycling companies with a presence in over 35 countries.  FCC’s more than 54,000 employees worldwide interact with citizens on a daily basis and focus on constantly increasing sustainability.  Together, we will create socially-integrated solutions one community at a time.